Together We Stay

Every day our love is strong, like the pillars holding our love nest
Every night our love is warm, from lips to finger tips.

Our love is in the space, I love you to the moon and back
Our love is in the sky, two people sitting in the sun.

When thunder rolls rain blesses our love,
When whirlwinds come our love nest’s our refuge.

In your bosom our love blooms, together we stay, like Siamese twins
When along the way we fall, our love holds, stuck with each other.

I am levitated, debilitated sometimes, when I think of you
When I see you, I see heavens.

You're so intense! This love is forever! I can't resist your touch
all my worries fade into the shadows...

Your soul is cherishing; your heart is warm, mine in your hands
I would hold on 'til life was done, our love’s the focus of my plans.

This love is unbreakable, and for us, my love, we are meant to stay. 


  1. beautiful written!love it, i also try to write but only articles, my last one is about dating check it out!

    1. Thank you Jane. I checked out your blog, and browsed through, well, it is a good one.

      Thank you for coming by ad dropping a comment.


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