Socialite Post-Mortem
In my recent sudden world travels with my sugar daddy
I came to know nothing was sugary about him;
He stared at other women’s busts and butts
Ogled at small girls’ budding tits
And talked to all women as though he had slept with them,
          he called me his escort, never by name
          yet sweet-nothing`ed me in frail attempts of lousy love.

When my secret life came to light, thanks to our unethical media
Internet gods rained fire and brimstone on me:
          scarlet woman
While they glorified my dead sugar daddy
Better known as ‘Sponsor’ and ‘Blesser’ in the south of Sahara and Limpopo.

In his death my sponsor was a hero
Instead of mourning him I endured the pain of sleeping with him as was many other girls who escorted him wherever he went
Memes of my body depicted in various stages of nakedness surfaced all over the internet with the caption ‘Whore-slash-cunt-slash-slut’
Exposés in the name of solving his mysterious death solved his philandering conquests while I bore the cross:

Loud mouth Kenyans on Twitter (#KOT) responded
          ‘Of course women like her are a shame to women’
          ‘These socialites #WomenWithBigBumsAndnoBrains will finish men’

Of course I am beautiful
With silicon boobs and bum men die for
Why blame my brains for utilizing the assets?

When men get caught in the crossfire of gang wars for breaking the thieves’ code
Or are eliminated by the government for national security reasons
Does my escorting them for economic reasons make me guilty?


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