Divine Love: Immense Joy XIX

I love you, and I don’t need a reason
For I have tasted what it is
Somewhat beyond the foliage of my bleeding heart,
And if my former lover could but this see
Thou seest as I see it; and this I hold dear, 
That in my bosom thou dost discern it.

I do practice well my art, the treacheries my body undergoes
Proof that I’ve given my all
through joy effulgence acquired from you.
Your voice, then, that for ever makes the heart
Flutter, with the butterflies of those holy fires
which of their wings arouses me
for you to satisfy my longings!

Indeed, I do not wait thy permission
for I in you am as you are in me.
The greatest of the valleys of my body where the water
gushes forth in readiness
gapes open, makes a vista:
You are a dweller on that valley’s shore 
‘Twixt my thighs that with a glaze of your phallus
Doth from the V-junction part the legs.

With the same sunset and same sunrise
Sit you and I where we are
Recovering from the bouts of love we’ve made;
There’s no second thoughts, and we smile, 
Not at the fantastic love-making
But at the power we’ve against each other:

Here we behold the art of love we’ve mastered
with such affection, and immense joy.


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