Monday, 24 October 2016

Your eyes glint from the slit of your burqa,
     that’s how I know
My heart beats fast
     and my blood boils
That’s how I know
     I love you.

You cringe when I extent my hand to shake yours
     that’s how I know
Henna patterns on your hands
     crawl beneath the sleeves of your buibui
That’s how I know
     that’s all I’ll ever see.

I imagine how your lips move underneath your burka
     that’s how I know
Words sift through:
     you speak in organ tones
That’s how I know
     I’ll never kiss you.

There’s tension between us over the phone, when we meet
     that’s how I know
Your eyes dart around
     I hear your heart pounding
That’s how I know
     I’ll never be with you.

Sometimes I feel it
     that’s how I know
A part of you loves me;
     a part of you wishes things were different
And that’s how I know
     I am mushrikeen, denied to you by the noble Quran. 


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