By Guest Poet - Ngozi Olivia Osuoha

Partners, Invading Nature
Penetrating Ignorant Noses
Producing Imaginary Nuance
Perpetrating Incandescent Neuron,
PIN; Poets In Nigeria.

Polished In Numbers
Proudly Improving Newness
Politely Investigating Nudity
Peacefully Initiating Niceness,
PIN; Poets In Nigeria.

Policy; Inculcating-Neon
Powerfully Infusing Normalcy
Practising Imbibable Norms
Puncturing Irresponsible Negation,
PIN; Poets In Nigeria.

Periodically Instigating Nationality
Patiently Injecting Neatness,
Patching Imcomparable Negligence
Picking Impulsive Nobles,
PIN; Poets In Nigeria.

People Illuminating Notes
Police, Instilling Nemesis
Painters, Inscribing Names
Preachers Invoking Naughtiness,
PIN; Poets In Nigeria.


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