Divine Love: Immense Joy XX

Into this heaven, which we’ve found
we cast by our worlds
looking into each other’s eyes with all the Love
which each of us shall eternally breathe forth.

And Stan, you who lifts me up to walk on stormy seas
it’s for better for worse, needn’t no minister pronounce us
that I promise.

How lucky must I be!
When I was down, and my soul so weary
wherein you entered, apparent not to scavenge my dead love.

I, though am uncertain sometimes, when past ghosts visit,
Can so tell that I can’t be imagining; 
I give thanks, give thanks to the gods of love
For never was heart of mortal so disposed 
To worship, nor to give itself to Love
And all my love is so absorbed in you.

Funny how the light in your eyes kindles me
and as though with the gift of telepathy your thoughts I apprehend
we doubt not, the language so extended and so open 
our bodies speak, in speech to each so plain
Our concord and our joyous moments,
The love, the wonder, and the sweet regard.

O Love wonderful!  O veritable good! 
My heart pulsates for you, and palpitates, Stanley
For Love consumed as doth the sun the vapours. 


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