Divine Love: Immense Joy XXI

You’re my knight, you need no armour
to me you brought succour
When I most needed it, our straggling hearts were together drawn.

Within this room where the cool breeze
Rushes in through the open windows
I rise to clothe myself afresh,
It is time to replete with food and drink.

I am a good teacher, come
Let me teach you what your mother didn’t
so you’d make me break my fast in bed on the morrow.

Here, Stan, beside me here
Stand and watch, help
to prepare so great a meal
we’re famished.

Your voice startles me:
“Our love shall radiate round about us such a vesture
its warmth proportioned to the gesture
which still to this moment your actions bear witness.”

At this very moment all I see is the lustre
Like a halo around you
The sight is real and unreal,
You handsome and smiling
With all my heart, I vow to myself
I really do love you.


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