Divine Love: Immense Joy XXII

I am the one you seek
why I believe so, in a million others
it ain’t a mystery.

That sacred love, in which I watch
With my inner eye, and which makes me thirst and hunger
With sweet desire, in you is fulfilled,
Now, my love, sweet Stan
Declare your wishes, your desires
To which I will affirm my love for you.

To you I turned me, and you took me
Wiped my tears, kissed away the pain
And I smiled again
You made me walk in the Sun,
That lighted the dark night of my soul
Thence I, who sorrowful was, felt in myself
This immense joy
And my heart melt, for this divine love.

Truly do I entreat you, the diamond of my love
a precious jewel as the seal
Of two persons in one
and satisfy me with thy name.


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