Underneath Your Dirac and Shash

I don’t see much of your body
Only soles of your feet below your gorgorad, your hands
and your beautiful hijab’d-face
I steal glances at you
when the
garbasaar slips as you work
and I glimpse creamy arms
yet you deny me the privilege of seeing:
you cover yourself hastily.

Underneath your dirac
is the body I dream of
that’s where my thoughts hide
underneath your
is the territory I want to conquer.

Underneath your shash
is the silky hair that you forever hide
that’s where I want to run my fingers through
and tell you an endless story
but you’re tied to your manners
required of you by religion
another man owns the place.

Underneath your dirac
wherein my thoughts lie
I want to unravel the mystery of your body
would you let me
if my God were called
by the name of your God—Allah?

[1] Gorgorad – the underskirt worn by Somali women
[2] Garbasaar – the shawl Somali women cover their upper body with
[3] Dirac – Somali women dress
[4] Guntiimo – a long stretch of cloth for Somali women tied over the shoulder and draped around the waist
[5] Shash – headscarf  for Somali women


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