Divine Love: Immense Joy XXV

Thou shalt abandon everything beloved
Family, friends: this is the arrow
          which first the bow of Cupid shot forth.
Thou shalt have proof how liberating it is
          the union of woman and man as one
          living happily thereafter.
And that which most shall weigh upon thy shoulders
I will bear it by your side
I shall never watch you belabour
I care not for gold and silver nor for comfort
          only thy love.
Began I, even as she who yearneth after,
Being in doubt, not believing again I could love
Down through the world of infinite bitterness, 

But you, who uprightly wills, and loves
          o’er the mountain, from whose beauteous summit
          you lifted me.
I have learned that love, which I fell again,
Unto the loving accents of my comfort I turned me round,
and then what love I saw
Within thy eyes I relish
The eternal pleasure, which direct
Rayed upon you Stanley, from your handsome face
Conquered me with the radiance of a smile, 
When unto me you said:

“Come hither beautiful, stay;
Not in mine arms alone is warmth
But my love is Paradise.”


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