You Were Mine

You’re light, 
          the kind that came in through a crack on the wall.

You’re hope,
          the kind that hung around when all was gone.

I was happy,
          the kind that you knew was somewhere deep within,
          even though you didn’t feel it then.

You’re mine,
          the kind that I wasn’t supposed to keep but knew I would never leave.

I was the one you never wanted to be with. 

(A pastiche adopted from A Curve of Darkness by Munira Hussein)


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Linda; for reading and leaving me your thoughts.

  2. You're love,
    The kind that I never wanted to share,
    You're sweet,
    The kind that I want no other taste,
    My best,
    The kind that I don't wanna let go,
    My first,
    The kind that I want no other experience.

    1. Whao! This is a nice and lovely counter. I love the sweet part. Thank you for reading and your thoughts. You could be a poet.


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